American Cockroach

(Periplaneta americana)

Habitat In temperate climates,  the American Cockroach is limited to heated buildings and port facilities. Distribution in warm climates is wide. Drains, sewers bins and refuse areas provide habitat in these areas.

Pest Status Due to its need for heated conditions in temperate zones, the American Cockroach is generally limited to animal houses, zoos, greenhouses and other constantly heated premises. In warmer areas, no such restrictions apply, although in the United States the German Cockroach is the main pest.

German Cockroach

(Blattella germanica)

Habitat Widespread distribution in temperate climates. Generally a pest of warm indoor environments, and in particular, galleys, kitchens and institutional heating systems. Its common name "Steamfly" is said to originate from it's frequent infestation of ships engine rooms.

Pest Status This pest is the major cockroach species in Europe and North America. Highly versatile and cosmopolitan, its small body size and breeding strategies make it a highly successful pest. Large institutions e.g. hospitals, hotels, prisons are particularly at risk.


Cockroach Control

Controlling cockroaches requires an integrated approach involving the use of monitoring traps, insecticidal baits and well-targeted contact insecticides. Night time inspections may be necessary in difficult to control infestation situations in order to identify key harborage areas. Harborage denial and proofing are also effective.